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Charging of interests: every day
Principal return: yes
Percentage2.2% per day Due date2 weeks Sum$10-200
Percentage2.4% per day Due date4 weeks Sum$201-5000
Percentage3% per day Due date8 weeks Sum$5001-100000
Charging of interests: working days
Principal included
Percentage5.7% per day Due date30 days Sum$10-1999
Percentage6.1% per day Due date30 days Sum$2000-9999
Percentage6.4% per day Due date30 days Sum$10000-100000
Charging of interests: in the end
Principal included
Percentage170% Due date20 days Sum$2000-4999
Percentage300% Due date30 days Sum$5000-19999
Percentage500% Due date40 days Sum$20000-100000
advantages & Rewarding trading experience
Rewarding trading experience

Traders in our team have huge experience in cryptocurrency trade.

Predictions on financial quote

Analytics working in our company predict tone of market participants with high accuracy. This is our best card that we use to achieve the highest results in trading.

Cryptocurrency market volatility

Cryptocurrency exchange rate fluctuations enable to gain excessive incomes for a short period of time

Team spirit

The partner program provides a fee to the amount of 10% and 2% of the invested amount by the first and second lines of partners.

Winners scale
As you may know to become the successful trader a person need to go long and difficult way. But we offer you to take only 5 steps and gain income for tomorrow.
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Results & statistics
Short information regarding the current achievements of the company
We are working

New winnings are every day


The company is at the early stage of the development


New partners join us every day

Fair relationships

Needs of people we cooperate to are number one for us!

of high quality

The company partners have top-class service

New deposit
United we are strong

Each new deposit enhances market competitiveness of the company.


The partners can duly appreciate a financial tool that our company uses for investments.

New payment
Stable payment

Cash charging to your account 24 hours a day

More dividends

By means of the multi-level marketing plan, you can choose an own strategy of investment.

Fast cash withdrawal

Financial department of the company processes your requests for cash withdrawal from the account

What results do we have?
To achieve positive results we use STAR formula
Quickly, accurately and correctly

At the first stage, the traders analyze cryptocurrency fluctuation amplitude and form bidding strategy on the exchange market following the specified targets.

Attentively, actively and creatively

The strategy involves specific steps. The implementation plan is arising. The team is always ready to market changes and fast change of tactics. We proceed to trade

What results do we have?

We look backward at the taken steps and check with the target. There is the calculation of income, discussion of the correct actions; analysis of gains is more important than analysis of losses.

Brief report
Cohesively, profitably and interesting

Then there is a cash flow on balance of the partners according to the marketing plan. There is payment of dividends and referral rewards

New investments inflow expanding financial potential of the company.Applying STAR formula, the team continues to create value making profits to all members of the investment fund.


STAR TRADE ASIA is a young and ambitious company. There has been observed significant volatility in cryptocurrency market during the latest months that hugely stimulated a surge in trading growth and increase in profits from this kind of trade. Due to the rewarding experience and upward trend over extended periods the company has decided to offer the joint financing of the team of traders and profit division according to the marketing plan to an individual investor.

We propose cooperation with the reliable company - STAR TRADE ASIA - upon the extremely favorable terms that ensure success and high quality of work performed by our team. Principals and methods that we used in our activities have proved its ability to deliver good results.

If you have questions regarding the cooperation conditions and marketing plan details you are interested in, please ask our online experts in section Contacts and get quick answers.